It’s been a while tumblr, i’m back!  We’ve been burning Catch and doing all kinds of crazy things where newbies don’t belong.  Hope you enjoy!

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Taking a second out to post a fun series of painting to completion, @ Kenneth Burris Studio, in 2008-2009…

From the video game, Eve Online, which i played and found to be an amazing MMO.. 

These works are large, oil on canvas.. and original works. Each piece is owned in private collection by the artist Kenneth Burris.

And a big hello from the studio… 



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HERO Coalition is going to have some pretty amazing propaganda.  Here’s a peak - Thanks TEST, Nexus, and Spaceship Samurai, you are making this game super fun again!

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Little collaboration with Keesha for the deployment video turned out great. 

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15 second TV spot for the New Eden Open.  Edited by Keesha Echerie and produced by myself and Nicen Jehr.

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What a goon hellcamp looks like.  Scary.

What a goon hellcamp looks like.  Scary.

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